Gennxt Geomerty
A Four in One Geometry Device

Gennxt | Easy Geomerty

The Four in One geometry device also called Easy Geometry is one single device that carries out the functions of a pencil, ruler, compass and divider.

It's an all encompassing tomorrow's product with the functions of a geometry box finetuned into a simplified design.

  • Recognized: Bangalore Associate for Science Education (BASE), Institute of Scholars
  • Certified: Ramanujam Advanced Mathematical University
  • News: International Media Outlets covering the World Economic Forum held in Dubai

Gennxt Statistics

A 4 in 1 Instrument, the revolutionizes the way you do geometry

A Scale

Weight of 17gms, marked with 15 centimeters and 150 millimeters one one side; with the other side marked with up to 6 inches.

A Divider

With two pointed ends, the gennext scale can be accurately used to transfer distance and divide the length into equal parts.

A Compass

With 3mm Holder Pin and detachable slider that can slide between 2cm and 15 cm, you can draw an arc or even a circle

A Pencil

The Gennxt Pencil is a simple and easy to use tool to draw lines, arcs, circles and more which comes as an accessory to the scale.