Fuel Pump Technology
A Next Gen Fuelling System
In today’s world where fuel prices are soaring high, it is another headache when we mix up the fuel and put petrol in a diesel engine vehicle or diesel in a petrol engine vehicle. Fuel stations which provide both the petrol and fuel from the same machine but in two different channels are always prone to be mixed because of human error.

Innonxt - Fuel Technology

In a country like India, where there are service men to help put fuel in the vehicles, often there are incidents where they mix up the fuel in the vehicles. A moment of deviation from reality can result in mixing up fuel nozzles and pumping wrong fuel into a motor bike, car or a van.

The frequency of incidents are more in the countries and fuel stations, where the pumping fuel into the vehicles is done by individual customers. It is noted in such scenarios, the number of incidents of mixing up fuel is very high. The consequence of such scenarios is always stressful and it takes considerable time in pumping out from tank and money if it’s realised early before turning on the ignition. On the other end, the real damage is when one drives away after mixing up the fuel. The extra bill to repair adds more to the damage and time cleaning up the fuel lines of the vehicles.

Gennxt - Fuel Design
Fuel Pump

How We Plan To Make Fueling Easy?

A new design of fuel pump nozzles and the fuel tanks of the vehicles is developed at Innonxt in such a way that a diesel pump nozzle can operate only when it is inside of a diesel tank. Similarly, the petrol pump nozzle opens to push fuel only when inside the tank of a petrol vehicle based on sensors specific to petrol fluid and petrol vehicles.

Pros of Using our Technology

The prospect this new technology and sensors that can activate upon sensing the specific fuel tank or pump can avoid the human error in fuelling the vehicles. These sensors developed at Innonxt to detect various parameters in various fields make sure right fuel entering the right fuel tank of a vehicle. This eases the way of fuelling the vehicles even at a self-service station and at the places where the fuel names are denoted by different names.

Zero human error

Easy to operate

Reliable fuelling at self-service stations

Controlled fuelling