Our Story

Space, The final frontier. The 21st century witnessed a lot of research and development poured into space research and exploration across the globe. The notion to build new homes and capitalize on the extra-terrestrial resources paved the way to innovative developments.

Space Innonxt

The advent of technology has brought distant countries, cities close together with their smart technology and infrastructure. Countries who were isolated from the world for a long time, connected to a new place in a quick time leading to the exchange of languages, cultures, grains, goods and technology. This exchange of ideas and technology led to a state of co-dependency between cities, states and even countries across the globe. The technology that laid the stone connecting places is benefitting in connecting the distant worlds for a better future.
In this regard, Innonxt, an idea is building a bridge to ignite the minds of young people to explore space research making India mark their presence in space exploration and technology as well as exchange ideas with other nations across the globe.

What we seek

Space Innonxt

Innonxt, a formidable space of research and development also contributes to creating clean sustainable energy with its solar powered energy, biodegradable plastics and cold water purifier without electricity makes our Earth more greener and hospitable.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to call for unity in research and development for space exploration at the international level and at the same time creating a reliable atmosphere with the technologies easing our daily lives.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to bring out the present ideas and innovations into actuality using our existing infrastructure and take the technology to national and international levels.