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We aim to create an environment where people can contribute towards space exploration & green energy.

Empowering Next Generation Research

Innonxt is an idea from Spaceinnonxt, designed as a bridge to ignite the minds of young people to explore space research, space exploration and to work with relevant technologies to exchange ideas on a global scale

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Our Research

Solar Light Energy

Innovative solar panel system generating high efficient power output using less space at affordable cost.

Gennxt Geometry Technology

An Innovative Geometry Tool replacing traditional geometric sets for students and institutions.

Zero Emission Fuel Pump

Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production of all web.

Bio Degradable Plastics

Zero methane emission plastics developed using novel biodegradable materials that are eco friendly and toxin free.

Water Purifier Without Electricity

A 10ltr water purifier that requires no electricity to operate and produces cold water


A 3D VR experience that allows you to explore the universe, interact with the environment Or learn robotics and electronics.

Gennxt Scale

A 4 in 1 Instrument, the revolutionizes the way you do geometry.

It's an all encompassing tomorrow's product with the functions of a geometry box finetuned into a simplified design.

Our Work

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